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momu135 Posted: 4/7/2018 10:47:18 PM
Subject:China Liquid Silicone Rubber Cup Nozzle

Our History
Ying Tai company was established in 2009, the company production plant in Shenzhen, China Baoan. Beginning in 2012, we purchased the first liquid silicone injection machine, began to liquid silicone products, custom production and processing services. As of 2017, the output value of liquid silicone products has accounted for 60% of the company's total output value. We also set up a mold processing center, can provide high-precision silicone mold processing services.
Our Factory
Yingtai has 3,000 square meters of production plants, with about 100 production staff. The main departments of the company have personnel department, engineering department, business department, silicone injection molding department and mold processing center.
Our Product
Yingtai main products are liquid silicone single injection molding, Multi-component liquid silicone injection molding, high precision liquid silicone mold processing. We can also produce solid silicone injection molded products and rubber products.
Product Application
Liquid Silicone Maternity Supplies, Liquid Silicone Medical Supplies, Mobile Phones and Electronics Liquid Silicone Watertight Seals, Automotive Electronics Liquid Silicone Fittings.
Our Certificate
In July 2017, we successfully passed the GB / T19001-2016 / ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification.
Production Equipment
Yingtai currently has seven liquid silicone injection machine, 18 sets of solid silicone injection molding machine. Mold processing center has two CNC machine tools, three mirror spark machine, milling machines, grinding machines and other equipment.
Production Market
Yingtai current sales area in mainland China, North America and Europe. Sales accounted for 60% of China's Guangdong Province, North American market accounted for 20%, the European market accounted for 10%, other regions accounted for 10%.
Our service
Yingtai provide free pre-sale consulting services, we received your drawings or samples, 3 days time to give the product offer. All of our products will be qualified after delivery to customers, and we provide 7 × 24 after-sales service.China Liquid Silicone Rubber Cup Nozzle