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Randy Hanzlick Posted: 1/12/2016 6:10:06 AM
Subject:For Smitty

Hi Smitty,

I saw you replied to an earlier message I posted. Can you take a look at the recent question I posted about any worrisome areas of the lake? Sorry to ask this way in this forum, but I did not know how to contact you directly.  Thanks. 

smitty Posted: 1/16/2016 7:43:15 AM
Subject:For Smitty

It's very hard to answer such a general question like the one you are asking. I am not really sure what type of lake property (i.e., second home-long term/short term, primary residence, rental property) you are looking for. First of all, I am not an Agent, but I have helped several friends locate and buy Lake Murray property. Each lot/home must be evaluated individually for your purpose and its value. I know of no adverse issues or conditions in the Amick Ferry Road/Timberlake area of Lake Murray. This area remains pretty remote and requires a fairly long drive back to Chapin for shopping. This location is about Mid-Lake, so you can enjoy both ends and both sides (Chapin/Lexington) of lake. I might consider helping you located something, if interested. - I am not an Agent!!

Randy Hanzlick Posted: 1/22/2016 4:54:37 AM
Subject:For Smitty

Thanks smitty. We found a place. And thanks for your thoughts.