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Current Lake Murray Weather Summary

National Weather Service 5-day forecast

NOAA's National Weather Service Forecast for Lake Murray
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Rain Showers
High: 58°F

Chance Rain Showers
High: 70°F

Mostly Cloudy
High: 59°F

Chance Rain
High: 48°F
Thanksgiving Day

Mostly Sunny
High: 53°F

Rain Showers
Low: 59°F
Tomorrow Night

Mostly Cloudy
Low: 45°F
Tuesday Night

Chance Rain
Low: 42°F
Wednesday Night

Partly Cloudy
Low: 32°F
Thursday Night

Mostly Clear
Low: 31°F
Current Radar Image:

Current Conditions:
Heavy Rain Fog/Mist and 55 F at Columbia Metropolitan Airport, SC
Rain Fog/Mist and 63 F at Charleston Air Force Base, SC
Heavy Rain Fog/Mist and 49 F at Greenwood County Airport, SC
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NWS point forecast for Lake Murray

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