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Why advertise on LakeMurray.com?

Search engine ranking:LakeMurray.com is the top-ranked site on Internet search engines for many terms related to Lake Murray (“Lake Murray”, “Lake Murray dining”, “Lake Murray entertainment” and others) and in the first page of results for most others ("Lake Murray real estate" --- #1 and 2 on MSN, #7 and 8 on Google).

Traffic: Many sites report "hits" (we got more than 367,000 last month), but the key number to understand is the number of visits a site gets and how many unique visitors make up that total.  LakeMurray.com averages more than 450 visits each day, and we have around 10,000 unique visitors in a given month (that's 10,000 different pairs of eyes potentially seeing your ad).

Advertising options

In order to address the differing needs of the business community in Lake Murray, we have developed three different levels of advertising on LakeMurray.com. The following table gives a brief overview of the three advertising and sponsorship opportunities currently available.
For more information on how to showcase your business on LakeMurray.com contact us.
What Description
Business Directory Listing
($30 for 6 months)
This provides your company a listing in our Business Directory and (where applicable) one other directory such as Real Estate or Attractions. It also includes up to 50 characters of text under your business name.

NightTown Restaurant
Fine dining & live jazz on the patio every night!
12345 Maple Street
Newberry, SC 29108
Enhanced Business Directory Listing
($50 for 6 months)
Listing on Business Directory and (where applicable) one other directory such as Real Estate or Attractions, a graphic or photo up to 70 pixels tall x 200 pixels wide, up to 100 characters of text under your business name. A hyperlink to your web site accompanies this as well!

Finest American Homes
Work with our architect to design
your own, or customize one of
our award winning floor plans! 

12345 Maple Street
Newberry, SC 29108
LakeMurray.com sponsor
($500 for 6 months)
Your 70 pixel tall x 170 pixel wide hyperlinked graphic in the Sponsor Column on the right side of LakeMurray.com (above our survey).

You also receive one page (up to 770 pixels wide by up to 1800 pixels long) of content on LakeMurray.com and a hyperlink to your web site. Finally, you receive all of the benefits of our Enhanced Business Directory.

Why buy a sponsorship? 

If you have your own Website:You might wonder why having a page of content on LakeMurray.com would be useful to you. The answer is that your page will be optimized for Internet search engines like Google and MSN Search. Search engines are the most popular way people find information on the Internet, and the Internet is becoming the preferred way that people find information about goods and services. LakeMurray.com is optimized on programmed to achieve high search engine rankings, and that means that not only will your page get traffic from folks who come to LakeMurray.com and click on your ad, you will also get traffic directly to your page from Internet search engines. Currently, our sponsor pages show up in the first ten results for the most important search terms related to the sponsors’ businesses, so they get their name in front of new prospects coming from search engines every day! 

If you do not have a Website:Use LakeMurray.com to advertise your business. You can fully describe your products or services, and include all of your contact information.

Contact us to earn more or place your ad online.