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Kayakpaul Posted: 6/3/2007 8:08:43 AM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites

Recently I witnessed a couple with jetskis get really irritated with another couple who were attempting to put in a canoe at the Dam boat ramp.   It was sad.  All boaters have equal rights.

I am an avid kayaker.  I am out on Lake Murray practically every morning doing a 5 to 6 mile run.  The only places I have found to put in are up at Schull Island (the small ramp on the right of the causeway) or at the Dam.  Are there others?  Most of us carry our kayaks so it is not an easy task to have to walk 3 or 400 yards with a kayak and safety gear.

Are there other put ins?  I understand that power boaters and jetskiers need the concrete ramps to back their trailers into the water.  All we need is a sandy or grassy beach.  Are there plans for other kayak or canoe friendly ramps?



Kayakpaul Posted: 12/30/2007 6:46:59 AM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites

I posted this questin almost a year ago.  I have seen one other kayak on the water in the past year and I get out nearly every day either around Schull Island or putting in at the dam which are the only two spots that I know of that I can do so.
i am sure there are others...anyone want to chime in?  Anyone want to go paddling? 


Kayakpaul Posted: 3/26/2010 4:13:15 AM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites

Well I seem to be a one man band here.  :)

I am seeing a lot more kayaks and canoes on the lake these days.  With money being tight, Kayaks are a great way to get on the water and it only costs a bowl of wheaties to operate instead of hundreds of dollars in gas.
which makes me wonder yet again if there are any plans to have a canoe or kayak launch site.  this could be as simple as a grassy embankment and really only needs to be about 25 feet wide.  One of the cheapest and easiest ones I have seen in Florida was a piece of astroturf that led into the water a few feet allowing you to walk out a bit and launch without getting mud all over you (kind of a poor mans boat ramp)
I personally don't like getting in the way of the boaters with their trailers as they really need the concrete ramps but if the only option I have is to use the same ramp then I hope the power boaters and jetski operators will understand that I pay the same taxes, and have the same rights to the ramp.  (If I was a power boater having to wait for a couple of plastic kayaks I woudl probably not like it much either)
don't get me wrong.  Everyone is friendly and courteous with a couple of exceptions.  I have been paddling up to a ramp and have had a boater deliberately change the ramp lane to stop me from coming in and forcing me to the rocks on the side, and I have heard a few mutterings. but all in all everyone is friendly.
simply put, we don't want to be in the way.  Most of us do not carry kayaks or canoes on trailers but rather on top of our cars which necessitates us driving to the ramp and unloading there.  If there was a small access area to allow kayakers and canoists to drive up to the water, drop off their boats and then park it woudl be ideal.


Kayakpaul Posted: 4/21/2010 2:48:49 AM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites

send me a quick e-mail closer to the dates and I can meet up with you.  I can launch from Schull Island and paddle across the lake to Dreher and that is much quicker from where live than to drive all around the lake through Irmo.

What kayak do you paddle?


Foxes Posted: 4/21/2010 8:33:21 AM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites

This PDF file has all the put in sites...
CAVEAT: I have not tried them.
Your sites Irmo Dan, Shull Landing,
are #4 and #5 on the map.

Hope this helps!

Foxes Posted: 4/21/2010 8:35:21 AM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites

I hear you.

I will be kayaking Lake Murray June 25 and 26 2010.
I bought a site campsite at Dreher to facilitate a launch.

If you want to go kayaking these me.
Only like $2 to get into the park...

I will be staying at a hotel in Irmo..25 and 26
and in Lexington (27th) other launch sites are possible.

Foxes Posted: 4/21/2010 12:56:42 PM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites

Sounds great.

My yak is a Wilderness Tarpon 120 SOT.  Outfitted with a GPS. so I can mark launch spots, time to return, and a few stops along the way.

My brother (who may be kayaking) has an inflatable. He is into high adventure. White water. 

Although I reserved 22a at Dreher. The campsite is just for a kayak launch..potty, lunch break,. shade, etc. 

We probably can start near IRMO or one of the other launches  where I have a hotel, if the water is not too rough, etc.

I'm flexible.

con tact:
FloridaBeaderReference-owner  at

Marg Posted: 5/1/2010 4:58:21 AM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites

The Hilton Recreation Area is a great spot for launching.  It's free, it has a dock that's lower to the water and easier for kayaks.  It has restrooms, picnic tables, a small beach area.  It's on a small cove so the water is calm but it's just a short paddle to the main lake.  It's a little further out (Chapin / White Rock) than the dam but definitely worth the drive.  Check this site under boat ramps and parks for directions. 

Foxes Posted: 5/2/2010 2:13:15 PM
Subject:Kayak and canoe launch sites


Hilton Recreation Area

Open from 6:00AM-10:00PM
Wessinger Road Chapin,SC

This small recreation area on Lake Murray is maintained by SCE&G. It offers 2 picnic shelters and a boat ramp. There is a floating dock alongside the boat ramp for easy loading and unloading of passengers. Public restrooms are available. There is no fee.

This is a great place to swim or fish. There is a small fishing dock and plenty of shallow water for splashing around. The shelters have grills so bring a picnic! If you forget your picnic, the Just Wright grill is located just outside of the entrance to the park but it is not open on Sundays.

It can get crowded on the weekends and you need to watch out for broken glass and small bits of trash in some areas. Water shoes are highly recommended to protect little feet while swimming.

To get there, take I-26 to exit #91, then go south on Columbia Ave. 1.8 miles into the town of Chapin. Turn left onto Old Lexington Highway and go southeast 4.4 miles. Turn right onto Wessinger Road and stay on this road until you see the recreation area entrance.